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No fixed prices for larger orders up to 500 complet Booties!!!

Without transportcost´s , organisation of the transportes as agreed before.

DSCN0415 – Herold – Dr. Liebig 25mm wood thickness> Normalbox> about                                                                                                                        

Flachboden Liebig mit Edelstahl-lüftungsgitter
>Flat Ground> price depends on the quantity .


DSCN1475> shelf> and

                                  > wooden cover > 

DSCN1449Normalbox liebig-zander  – Zander -Dr.Liebig 20mm  wood thickness 

Flachboden Liebig mit Edelstahl-lüftungsgitter>Flat Ground>


DSCN1475> shelf> and

                                  > wooden cover > 


 DSCN1471Mini plus, complet without fils and frames> 

– frames mixing rates> 

– Honey Balkan varieties> Willow and Acacia Honey>

 We also build by special order, and make year contract’s> for details go on the Home page (about Us) …