About us

Braca Savic or Brother Savic is a limited company which has egsist in Serbia sience 2001 and is specialized for Beekeeper Product’s with the time, we build everything for bees from Wood , even after your request or special order .We several types of wood : Spruce, Larch, Weymouth’s pine, Douglas fir, Beech and Oak for elements that need to be made of hard wood. The family Savic is privacy even more than 20 years of beekeeping, so we understand the needs of beekeepers very good.We are from Saw-ing to Export complet equipped and located since new in a nature reserve in central Serbia, since we have decided for large intresse for our products in time to spread our wood-processing. Just this year, 2014, we have started with the burn of company logo (as shown below) but if they wan´t not burn then we go to her washing. Because of high standard-quality operation in our production we give 7 day´s Money Back Guarantee, because we have good reasons for it:

         Hand                    Much Hand-Work for excellent quality  !!!                     Hand

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We Guarantee for:
1. Precise in and out measures max. +/- 1mm!
2. No seesaw between the floor’s !
3. We level screw head’s with our equipment, and always drill a hole in front of the site! That later not come’s to split because the screw thick!
4. Water-resistant wood glue in its almost strongest category D3 we combinate it with dry Wood , we also set a D4 and we do not use glue which leaves white spots !
5. Out-failing tre node’s we dig this place out and put in there contradict healthy wood plugs in!

Weymouth Lärche fichte Douglasien Buche Eiche

 Weymouth’s pine            Larch                    pruce                       Douglas                       Beech                            Oak

We give 7 day´s Money Back Guarantee !!!


Order or custom-made:

– If you have interese you can order from us, before ordering we can send you our pattern just to be able to see our Work-Quality (with seal of our company and branded logo), we can even refer our contact person directly to you.
– If you wish to custom-made product then please send us pattern piece(s) (please with your company-seal) to the following address in Germany, to our contact-person> Ms.: Daniela Nock /Hirschbachstr.15 Bühlertal 77830, than we can made  pattern-copy piece(s) from,  and than we will send it  back to you with our Company logo and seal, than we talk abou contract  …
– If you have further questions, please contact us  by e-mail> info@bs-quality.com <or personally Mr. Savic business leader: +381 (0) 69 / 728-125 , thank you.